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Hair loss commonly comes as a surprise to most people who undergo the distressing experience. It is however no mystery that hair loss occurs in millions of people and affects people of al ages and even teens.

There is always an underlying cause of hair loss. Once the correct cause is diagnosed, a good treatment can help stem further hair loss.

Hair loss is also seen in both men and women. In male pattern baldness (technically known as androgenic alopecia) , the most common cause of hair loss found in men is an inherited condition, Female pattern baldness is more commonly found in women then is generally understood. Like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness is also inherited.

There are other factors that affect hair loss such as tying the hair too tightly or braiding that results in a receding hair line.

There are many medical conditions that can result in hair loss in both men and women. This can include stress, trauma and many other conditions. Stress is a major factor of hair loss and is experienced by many, whether it is stress of finances or personal and family stress. In such cases hair loss can be treated and in some cases the hair can even re-grow if treated right.

Other factors that can affect hair loss is diet. It is important to maintain a good healthy diet as eating “junk food” can contribute to hair loss. Also avoid aggressive hair treatments that constantly damage the hair and the hair follicles. Medical conditions and treatments such as chemotherapy result in hair loss.

A common factor that causes hair loss is DHT. The link below explains how DHT contributes to hair loss in many cases.

DHT Hair Loss

The main causes of hair loss can be summarized in the following page:

Main Cause of Hair Loss

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